Italy’s magical Puglia region

I guess that when you first think of visiting Italy, the usual and most beloved places come to mind, like Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples and the Amalfi Coast. And yet if you are willing to step off the tourist trail, start exploring the real Italy and venture to the ‘heel’ of the Italian boot, you would discover coastline to rival the one of Amalfi and even the Caribbean!

Puglia is an enchanting region that’s full of cliffs, beaches, pretty towns and enough mysteries for a Dan Brown novel, not to mention mermaids and dragons in the churches! This magical region has also captured the imagination of National Geographic as well as the Lonely Planet and rated as one of ‘the best value travel destinations in the world for 2014’ and judging by the beautiful photos shot by my friend and fellow participant in the 30 Day Challenge, Adriana Biasco, is easy to see why!

Lecce, Adriana’s hometown, is a beautiful and elegant Baroque city in Puglia called the ‘Florence of the South‘ and one of the many captivating places not to be missed while visiting.

The land of this region is indeed a tumultuous mix: bleached sea cliffs, dense dark-green scrub, wild orchids, pine forests, silver beaches and marine caves. Puglia is without a doubt a gem of a region waiting to be discovered and appreciated in all its glory and its inexpensive cities make it in my opinion the No 1 place to visit this year.

Watch this space for an inspiring and magical tour to Puglia being announced very soon. You will not want to miss out on discovering this remarkable place!

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