4 fun days in Rome by Shanaka Dias

As we were coming up to my girlfriend’s birthday, we decided that we would plan a trip to Rome to celebrate. Neither of us had ever been to that part of Italy, so we thought that it was about time we explored!

After hearing so much about it, we were expecting an exhausting tourist trap, fighting off pick-pockets and people dressed as gladiators looking to charge you a fortune for a photo taken with them. We only had 4 days, so we decided to focus on the main historic sites. As a follower of Nicla’s blog, it was quite timely when I received her guide on ’20 fun things to do in Rome’, so we decided to use Nicla’s tips as inspiration to give us a good balance between pure tourist sightseeing and other things a little less ordinary.

As it turned out, we had an amazing time and wanted to pass on our thanks to Nicla for the great ideas! Here’s what we tried from her list:

1. Trastevere: After spending time wandering around some of Rome’s more famous historic sites, we made our way across the river Tiber to Trastevere. This was a pleasant change from seeing old ruins and we thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the cobbled streets and exploring the little shops and bars. It was so nice to see a different part of the city that ran at a slower pace.

2. via Margutta: This was a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the Spanish Steps. As it was so close, it was the perfect escape from the hot sun and crowds of tourists. We were able to relax and stroll down the shaded areas of this tree-lined street, browsing the artists stalls and stopping by for a drink in the cafe’. Just what we needed before getting ready to head out into the hordes of tourists again!

3. Villa Borghese Gardens: One of my favourite activities was to try the segways in Villa Borghese Gardens and I would never have attempted this without the tip from Nicla’s guide. It really was a fun way to explore, easy to learn to use and saved our already tired feet! We got to zip along the paths with ease, dodging through the people and exploring the beautiful areas of this vast park. Our time on them seemed to go by too quickly and it felt very old fashioned having to use our feet for transport again.

4. Campo de’ Fiori: This was a nice, buzzing market, set in a beautiful square, full of stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. It was a little busy but a nice break from the historic ruins.

5. The Victor Emmanuel II Monument: The icing on the cake was on our last day in Rome when we visited the top of the Victor Emmanuel II Monument also known as the Wedding Cake. We were able to look over at the clear views across the Forum and the Colosseum on one side and a view of the Eternal City on the other. It was a great way to end our amazing journey to Rome and something we wouldn’t have even thought of trying without Nicla’s recommendation.

So once again a big thanks to Nicla and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on her blog for the next time we visit Italy!

I would also like to thank Shanaka for contributing this post about his fun experiences in Rome and if you would like to find out more about my guide ’20 fun things to do in Rome’, don’t forget to subscribe and also share it with anyone you know who might be visiting!

Buon Viaggio!

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