Italian viewpoint: Janiculum Hill, Rome

On the western side of Rome, up above its ‘eighth hill’, Gianicolo (Janiculum) will greet you by day or night with one of the most scenic and breathtaking views of the City. Strictly speaking Rome only has 7 hills in its historic centre, but it’s definitely worth venturing west of the river Tiber and above the Trastevere neighbourhood to enjoy a wonderful panorama and the unusual peace and silence away from the noisy traffic and crowds.

At midday every day the silence is momentarily broken by a single shot fired by a cannon to mark the exact time, a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. Besides stunning views of the Eternal City‘s ancient landmarks, the Gianicolo gives you a quick history lesson on the Italian Risorgimento, the 19th century movement and wars that unified modern Italy. Busts of heroes are scattered along the pathways and looming over everything is the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi on horseback, the national hero that led them all to victory!


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