The best investment in YOU is travel

Whether you are a solopreneur, a freelancer or taking steps to become self-employed to escape the corporate cage, you will have no doubt found yourself struggling with 2 very important things in your day-to-day life: time and money. And more precisely about finding ways to be more productive for the things that really matter to you in your business and make use of your time wisely, and also trying to attract a constant and steady cash flow to create the freedom you so desperately crave.

And I have come to realise along the way to entrepreneurial freedom and abundance that we tend to abuse and neglect the ONE most valuable asset we possess and that is: Y.O.U. and all its power which also translates to Y = yield O = outstanding U = uniqueness!!  Self-care should indeed be our top priority and an investment in our own physical and mental wellbeing can only reap its benefits in increased creativity and self-confidence in our choices.

And what better way is there to recharge your batteries, your mojo and inject some zest for life than a change of scenery and explore the beauty and diversity that Italy has to offer? That weekend-long trip or longer tour you have been putting off for a while for lack of funds or time could actually be the perfect tonic and the best investment in yourself and your business you could ever make! In the past when I have felt stuck and like I was running on ‘empty’, just a short trip back to Rome, my home city would instantly help me dust away the mental cobwebs, reconnect me with a different life rhythm and I could just be me away from daily stresses and pressures.

When I was worried about money and I would set a strong intention that a break away was non-negotiable, suddenly ideas for new projects and ways for the money to appear would present themselves and the time would be then be firmly scheduled under the heading ‘life-saving break’! So next time you feel all creativity being drained from you by routine and self-care seems to slip at the bottom of your must-do list, take a step back, pause for a moment and resolve to re-invest in Y.O.U. and all its power and make that trip to Italy a non-negotiable therapy for your soul, mind and body!


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