Italian viewpoint: Lake Orta, one of Italy’s greatest secrets

Lake Orta, just west of Lake Maggiore, is one of those undiscovered gems that the locals won’t tell you about for fear that it will no longer be the peaceful and quiet version of its more famous counterparts of the Italian Lake District. But it’s a secret worth revealing, as Lake Orta is only a day trip away and totally captivating!

It is probably less known because it’s so small and doesn’t have many quaint towns tucked along its shoreline. However it does have one outstanding village, Orta San Giulio. It is picture perfect with a tiny square facing the water, narrow cobbled streets, noble mansions, a wonderful, very old town hall, many boutiques, fragrant gardens and picturesque churches.

Adding to the perfection, just across from the town,  you can see Isola San Giulio shimmering in the water. You can take a boat out to this tiny island where you can walk the narrow street that circles the island and visit the Romanesque style church with 15th and 16th century frescoes.

Can you think of a more romantic spot in Italy?!

Orta San Giulio

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