Enjoy Italy the ‘slow’ way!

In today’s world where we have been brainwashed to consume everything in our lives at super fast speed, I feel the need to slow down and enjoy the moment, especially when it comes to travel. This Manifesto for ‘Slow Travel’ was first published on the website ‘Hidden Europe’ and I fully embrace every single point! What about you?!

1. Slow travel is a state of mind and you should start to develop this at home.
2. Travel slowly. Speed cuts your relationship with the local landscape.
3. No matter how eager you are to arrive at your chosen destination, don’t let anticipation overshadow the pleasure of the journey.
4. Check out local markets and shops.
5. Soak up café culture. Sit in a café and you become part of the local furniture and engage rather than observe.
6. Try and get a feel for the language and dialect of the areas you visit. Learn a few key phrases, use a dictionary and buy a local newspaper.
7. Engage with communities by choosing accommodation and eating options that are representative to and give something back to the area where you are travelling.
8. Don’t follow the herd, do as the locals do.
9. Enjoy the unexpected. Sheep being shepherded across the highway can be a wonderful experience if you relax.
10. Consider if you can give back to the communities you visit. Support a local festa or event.

I’m convinced that following even only some of these suggestions would enhance your travels to Italy tenfold and I’d be curious to know of any experiences you have had of ‘slow travel’.

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