Italian viewpoint: Scilla, Calabria

A highlight of the unexplored and wild region of Calabria in Italy’s south is this mythical fishing village called Scilla, picturesquely situated on the coast overlooking the Strait of Messina to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.

The Costa Viola or Violet Coast which Scilla is on has long been one of the Italy’s least visited coastlines and yet one of the most stunning. The Costa Viola earned the name from its steep cliff faces that are said to glow a rich purple with bougainvillea in the sunset. It probably didn’t help that the ancient Greek poet Homer warned travellers to beware of Scylla – a barking, six-headed monster that indiscriminately gobbled up passing seafarers.

The picturesque seaside town still carries her name, luckily though the monster is nowhere to be seen! From UK Alitalia flies to Reggio Calabria from Rome and Milan, as there are no direct flights there. At the airport, hire a car and the drive to Scilla only takes about 30 minutes.

I challenge you to find a more spectacular viewpoint!

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