Take a GPS guided tour of Rome with me!

Just imagine coming across a really great travel article full of juicy information that only a local tour guide might help you discover. And then of course there’s the added problem of having to pinpoint exactly where all those wonderful places are on your map.

The solution has now been found by GPSmyCity, who has created GPS guided travel articles. These are travel articles which have GPS coordinates embedded in the article and a map of the route the author described in his/her article. And at GPSmyCity you can literally find thousands of these articles to include more than 700 major worldwide cities.

Once you have downloaded this app to your phone, it will show you where you are on the map and guide you through each location listed, without the need of having to connect to the internet!

You can upload any travel articles from GPSmyCity for free wherever you are and if you decide you want it to be a GPS guided travel article, all you need to do to upgrade is pay a small fee of $1.99.  IT WOULD BE LIKE HAVING ME AS YOUR PERSONAL TOUR GUIDE!

As a way of introducing you to this great concept, I’m offering a FREE upgrade app of my article ‘Discover Christmas in Rome’ from Monday 19th December to Sunday 25th December, packed with information on the best sights to see during the festive period and the best shops to visit for a special gift.

Here’s what to do:
Use the following links Discover Christmas in Rome FREE and 6 Best Places to Enjoy Gelato in Rome to download the app first (the first time users will be prompted to do so) and afterwards, once you have launched the downloaded app on your phone, (currently only available on iPhone and iPad), the article page will open automatically.  From there, you can proceed to ‘upgrade’ the giveaway article for free.  The other one (non-giveaway) will cost $1.99 to upgrade and get GPS navigation support.
This is a great opportunity to let me lead you on a personal tour of Rome without the need for a map or to ask for directions! And if you know anyone who is about to venture to the Eternal City during Christmas or a gelato enthusiast keen to discover the best ice cream, please share this post with them!

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