The forgotten regions of Italy: Basilicata

All photos courtesy of Greg Foster at La Lucana


If you have always longed to connect with a deeper flavour of Italian culture and explore a magical and yet little-known region in the south, Basilicata really should be on your must-do list for 2017. Matera, one of its cities and also a European Capital of Culture in 2019, is only one of its attractions and I’m excited to have come across a very special tour that will take you on a journey to discover its secrets.

Basilicata, also known as Lucania, is a region full of dramatic scenery and timeless charm, from its mountain ranges and dark forests to its villages like Montescaglioso and Castelmezzano so melded into the rock that they seem to have been there forever. Matera with its Sassi (ancient cave dwellings) offers a unique and rugged landscape of ravines and grottoes.

La Lucana┬áis a small Italian family business based at a beautiful farmhouse near Matera and in my view they offer a tour to experience the local way of life like no other! Not only will you get to engage with local historical experts to tell the story of its past, but also you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in fantastic homemade food and be warmed by the hospitality of its people. If you want to discover the beauty of this unspoilt region, then I highly recommend La Lucana!

panoramic view of typical stones and church of Matera under sunset sky. Basilicata Italy

For more details about this memorable 6 day tour in Basilicata, go to

I’m sure it will be an experience you will never forget! Also to read more about the haunting charm of Matera, don’t miss reading one of my blog posts The forgotten cities of Italy: Matera.

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