Italian viewpoint: San Miniato al Monte, Florence

If you have already been to Florence and searched for the best view of the city, you will have probably found yourself in piazzale Michelangelo. What you might not know is that only 5 minutes away, not only can you admire the surrounding landscape in all its glory, but you can also visit one of the most beautiful Romanesque basilicas: San Miniato al Monte.

Built between the 11th and 13th century, the exterior of San Miniato is decorated with green and white marble in geometric patterns similar to the facades of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella. St Minias was Florence’s first martyr, possibly a Greek merchant or an Armenian prince, who left his home to make a pilgrimage to Rome. His remains were foundĀ  in the ground where the church now stands and are now preserved in the crypt of the church.

Inside the church, you can also admire a stunning mosaic in the apse and you’ll be pleased with yourself for having climbed a few more steps to discover so much beauty and spectacular views of the Tuscan skyline.

San Miniato al Monte, Florence
















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