Italian viewpoint: Isola Bella, Taormina, Sicily

The ‘Beautiful Island’ off the coast of Taormina


I think that for most people the word ‘island’ conjures up thoughts of secluded bliss experienced at a relaxed pace and space for quiet contemplation and enjoyment of life. Isola Bella is such a place and it lies off the coast of Taormina in Sicily and it’s also known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea.

It first became the property of the city in 1809, but was sold to a rich English conservationist, Florence Trevelyan in 1890. Lady Treveylan planted on the island an array of tropical plants, mingling with the local vegetation and the island still maintains intact an air of beauty and charm.

It didn’t come back under state control until 1990 and it’s now an officially protected natural site. You can visit Isola Bella by catching the cable car in downtown Taormina. Who wouldn’t want to be stranded even only for a few hours in such a magical place?!

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