Secret Italy welcomes you back!


During these challenging times, what better way is there to recharge your batteries, your mojo and inject some zest for life than a change of scenery and explore the beauty and diversity that Italy has to offer?

A weekend-long trip or longer tour could actually be the perfect tonic and the best investment in yourself you could ever make! In the past when I have felt stuck and like I was running on ‘empty’, just a short trip back to Rome, my home city, would instantly help me dust away the mental cobwebs, reconnect me with a different life rhythm and I could just be me away from daily stresses and pressures.

So next time you feel all creativity and energy being drained from you by routine and self-care seems to slip at the bottom of your must-do list, take a step back, pause for a moment and resolve to re-invest in YOU and make that trip to secret Italy a non-negotiable therapy for your soul, mind and body.

I am so excited to reveal that in the spring of 2021, the Runaway Italian can help you discover a magical place in Italy, Salento in southern Puglia with a ‘Journey of the Senses’ tour created especially for you and your needs. Puglia’s lower province Salento is indeed pretty special and worth exploring to enjoy its breath taking monuments, together with its dazzling coastline and exuberant party atmosphere.

Gallipoli, Puglia

During this very special tour you will feast your eyes on fascinating architecture, especially Norman and Baroque, on exceptionally attractive hilltop towns and charming fishing ports. You will sample the fantastic local cuisine and delight your taste buds on the flavours of Puglia. You will feel more in tune with nature and revive your wellbeing as well as spark your creativity. You will take part in unforgettable local experiences that put you in touch with the culture like no other.

You will also benefit from the dedicated attention of an expert Italian tour manager and guide, who will provide fantastic local knowledge and insider know-how.  I am passionate about bringing you closer to authentic and undiscovered Italy and create memorable travel experiences you will never forget!

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Otranto, Puglia

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