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Custom travel planning and tours to secret Italy

Why Me?

Nicla Williams

Do you love to travel to Italy but don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ experience?

You are probably here because you are an independent traveller, a busy professional or a free spirit who is passionate about Italy and is keen to step off the tourist trail.

You might feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning a visit or a special holiday all by yourself or simply you don’t have the time and really need the help of a local who can make it all go smoothly and happen quickly. You are also after more than a guide, but a friendly and knowledgeable Italian with unique insight in the local areas.

I am Nicla Williams, an Italian originally from Rome and I am a freelance Tour Manager and Travel Adviser with extensive experience of travelling all around Italy off the beaten track. I am also the creator of inspiring and unforgettable tours and travel guides to Italy.

I can help you by crafting custom made advice and planning tailored exactly to your needs, passions and interests. My travel services will provide memorable experiences that connect you to local culture like no other, as well as reconnecting you to self-care and creativity.

I am passionate about restoring your well-being through sustainable travel that respects local traditions and helps the local economy thrive. The experiences I will suggest for you and that I will lead you on will fulfil your dreams and create special memories that will get talked about for years to come!

Travel Services

My customised travel services will:

  • save you time, overwhelm and stress
  • give you tailor-made and specific advice suited entirely to your needs
  • provide you with invaluable insider know-how from a friendly and expert local
  • enhance your experience in Italy tenfold and make your trip a memorable one

Everyday Italian

This Italian language package will give you the confidence to deal with everyday situations and will enhance your trip. Everyday Italian offers:

  • 6 hours of personal 1 to 1 language tuition by a native
  • a cultural guide to make the most of your stay
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Travel Planning Taster

After our session you will have outlined in a personalised travel report:

  • suggestions of experiences to live out your interests and passions
  • a selection of inspiring locations off the tourist trail to suit you and your needs and much more!
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Magica Italia Package

After our consultation and at the end of 7 days of custom travel planning you will get:

  • Guidance and suggestions for your overall itinerary with specific ideas to craft your ideal day based on your interests and passions
  • A written itinerary unique to you and much more!
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Custom Tours to Italy

I’m excited to offer a ‘Journey of the senses’ tour in undiscovered Puglia in the heel of Italy. 6 nights and 7 days totally dedicated to revive your wellbeing and create memories you will never forget!

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Traveller Success Stories

Helen Crossley
Aug 13, 2016

Local Knowledge

Nicla took great care and delight in all aspects of planning our trip to Puglia to celebrate a significant birthday - from the friendly, in-depth Skype chat to the finished report. She provided us with a personalised itinerary including suggestions and recommendations of where to go, what to see and what to do, as well as lots of useful tips and information. Tapping Nicla's local knowledge and experience has undoubtedly saved an awful lot of time and quite a few headaches in helping make this special trip a memorable one. In fact, it represents great value for money, especially as we won't be wasting any time or money while we are there - or indeed missing out on all the wonderful things we might not have done otherwise. 
Jayne Granville
Aug 13, 2016

Florence Enthusiasm

I have been thinking about visiting Florence for about 5 years, but never quite got round to organising it. I had signed up to 'The Runaway Italian', a travel blog with a difference over a year ago and follow Nicla's blog with enthusiasm, as she talks about Italy in such a passionate way and so it made sense to ask her to help me plan this long awaited trip to Florence. Within 24 hours of contacting her, Nicla emailed me a report with all the information I needed and much more as it also contained a suggested itinerary based on the length of our stay and interests and some lesser known sights that she recommended from personal experience. I cannot recommend the Runaway Italian Travel Planning Taster enough! As a busy professional, I found that this bespoke, efficient, personal service was fantastic. I will be looking to Nicla to plan my next holiday to Italy without a doubt! 
Kate Gold
Aug 13, 2016

Travel Report

Thanks Nicla, for my travel planning session. It was great fun and highly informative. Whilst we were talking, I really got a sense of your passion for Italy and how well you knew the country. I felt that you picked up on my requirements straight away and already had plenty of ideas to whet my appetite. The Travel Report was just what I needed to get me started on planning my trip in greater detail. It looks at travel, regions and suitable places within the region - everything I could need to get me inspired. The photos that you included are so beautiful - I can't wait to see them in reality! Thanks for taking me several steps closer to Italy.