Why Me?

Nicla Marinelli

Do you love to travel to Italy but don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ experience?

You might feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning a visit or a special holiday all by yourself or simply you don’t have the time and really need the help of a native who can make it all go smoothly and happen quickly. You are also after more than a guide, but a friendly and knowledgeable Italian with unique insight in the local areas.

I am Nicla Marinelli, an Italian originally from Rome and I am a freelance Tour Manager and Travel Adviser with extensive experience of travelling all around Italy off the beaten track. I am also the creator of inspiring and unforgettable tours and travel guides to secret Italy.

I can help you by crafting custom made advice and planning tailored exactly to your needs, passions and interests. My travel services will provide memorable experiences that connect you to local culture like no other, as well as reconnecting you to self-care and creativity.

I am passionate about restoring your well-being through sustainable travel that respects local traditions and helps the local economy thrive. The experiences I will suggest for you and that I will lead you on will fulfil your dreams and create special memories that will get talked about for years to come!


  • CONNECTION – We connect our customers to secret Italy while also reconnecting them to their passions, creativity and well-being for an outstanding experience
  • AUTHENTICITY – We are only interested in helping you enjoy authentic Italian culture in all of its aspects
  • SUSTAINABILITY – We support local traditions and promote practises that help the local economy and environment thrive
Travel is more than a vacation or an adventure—it’s also and opportunity to give back to people and places. Join us in improving the lives of 10 million people: 10 Million Better
Here at the Runaway Italian we fully support this mission launched by Sustainable Travel International and are committed to making a difference when travelling to Italy as well.

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